Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Let's Hear it from the Hardys

I was talking to Kelsi and Jimmy on Sunday.  Kelsi was telling me about going to Cotillion.  James went  when he was in grade school and we had chaperoned it once.  I was very impressed by what they were taught.  He was a little older I think.  Anyway she says she really likes learning the dances but especially likes it when the boys have to "grab" things for you.  I thought that was an interesting way of expressing how the boys are taught to bring things to the girls and act like gentleman.  Let's hope it still happens somewhere besides Cotillion.

Jimmy was telling me that the youth from their ward in Del Mar have a "Temple Tuesday" once a month at the San Diego Temple.  Here is a picture of Lea and her friend with the Temple in the background.  So beautiful.


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