Monday, November 03, 2014

Halloween 2014 with Great Grandchildren and Grandchildren

Kristi said Halloween went with too few pictures and Molly crying too much.

Keira loved trick or treating in her Unicorn costume and Baby Eden looks darling as a duckling.

Melissa is barely recognizable in her white hair!  It was snowing for Halloween in Asheville.

Kelsi is ready for trick or treating in her Rancho Santa Fe neighborhood with friends!

Sarah is a pretty mouse and Ryan a race car driver in Henderson.

Kelly is a diva as always--looks like a 60's flower child.  Peace!

Amy is a logger who looks kind of dangerous with that ax.

Kate looks cute in her boots trick or treating with Molly and Mom and Dad.

Ryan and Amy with a really spooky guy, who is it?  Ryan's grandparents have a neighborhood that really go all out for Halloween.

Case in point, look at this house where Kate is.

Tanner gets in on all the fun with his family and Sarah looks so pretty.

Looks like Halloween is alive and well in 2014.  I was downtown in Chester just as the trick or treaters started from store to store and I was really impressed with the costumes.  I wore my standard sweat shirt and jeans--oh well, nice to be old and do whatever you want even if it is boring.  At least I had a new haircut.

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