Thursday, October 30, 2014

Who Knew? Microsoft Rocks!

My computer was so messed up I was thinking I would have to buy a new one.  I first complained to Web Security about some problems and they told me they were not virus problems so to call Microsoft.

So I made a call to the Microsoft Answer Desk the next day.  Oh my, what wonderful service I received!!!  The first gal got my Internet Explorer to working again and ridded me of several nuisance things I could not get rid off myself.

I had to leave her to run and get my flu shot before it was too late but when I came back I called back and talked to another fellow.  He fixed another problem and then I had a Task Scheduler that was corrupted and he worked on it but he could not solve the problem but he referred me to another fellow and he ridded me of a virus and deleted some other junk but could not fix the task scheduler either!!!  Neil said he would have a Level 2 Rep call me back in the morning.  And a Level 2 called me at 8 AM and he fixed the Task Scheduler just before the power went out.  In fact if I hadn't had a land line we could not have finished our conversation for me to test it myself.  He said he would call back when the power was back on to make sure it was working fine.  He did and it was.  In fact he called again this morning to make sure all was well.

I had forgotten my Outlook had not worked for a long time and wouldn't it be nice if that was working again.

So I called again and I had a young lady and she did such a beautiful job I decided to upgrade from my 2007 to 2013 Office--yea I love it!   However the printer did not work.  It had not installed when I she upgraded I guess.

So I called back late this evening and another young man said the support staff wasn't there but he would try and fix it--and he did.  It was something about the spooler.  Who knew you could get this kind of service with just a chatline.

Yes, I decided to buy the service for a year for $149 but when it costs $50 an hour for local help, this is really a bargain!!!!  I figure I used them for at least 8 hours already (my computer is slow and they scan and etc and keep coming back till it is all done.)  I had someone come in a couple years ago but they surely do not know the Windows and Office programs so not worth the money.  I also went to a guru in San Diego but he did not get things permanently fixed either.  Cost though.

Why struggle and struggle by myself when they can figure it out so fast and work my computer remotely and fix it so easily without any help from me.  Yes, Microsoft is good to work with.

I do remember when I was just starting with computers and Windows and a young man on the phone was so patient at helping me and I had no paid service at all.  Guess I will stick with Microsoft.  Isn't that why they provide the chat and remote service, I think so.

Oh, yes, one of them loaded a different virus program and it eliminated 31 things my own security had not...yes, I have a trial time for them also and I may switch services!

PS On Halloween night I called and lo and behold there was a staff working.  I could not understand how to get my Yahoo contacts into Outlook, though I had tried for a long time.  The little gal took over my computer and faster than I could follow she had it all done!!!  Super!!!  Microsoft rocks!!!

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