Thursday, October 09, 2014

Making Life Easier

Ordering deliveries from Walmart has really helped to keep me more organized and have a more complete inventory with a lot less work.

Had to buy an automatic can opener--the hand kind is just too hard to do anymore.

I learned a good system for getting pix from Instagram to Picasa--have to write it down though so I won't forget.

Melissa's electric heater is really nice for my bath and bedroom--haven't had to turn the furnace on yet.  Really enjoy the wood fire--the wood I have this year is very, very dry and burns so easily.

Nasturtiums grow so easily up here from seed and are happy.  Next year I will plant more and more seeds all over.   The deer have enjoyed eating them, too, since I am not spraying any longer.  This time of year they run out of food to eat.

We had an excellent class on Freezing foods and came away with an awesome chicken taquito recipe and a wonderful frozen salad recipe as well as a few others.   And now I have a fridge full of frozen Butternut Squash soup, Gluten free Goulash, red grapes and next week I am making the taquitos for Maria and the boys when they come.

We can now take our green waste to the maintenance area down the hill and LACC will take it to Collins for free!  I have been putting a bag out every week for Waste Management and they stopped charging me so either way is really good for me.

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