Friday, October 10, 2014

Fall Highlights

Some Sugar Pine dropped into the street, I had never seen such fresh ones and the owner of the tree had gone for the summer so I took them!  They were very sticky on the ends with a heavy white sap,

I had heard they needed to be baked so I looked it up and baked them at 220 degrees--20 minutes on each side and they are beautiful.

Ron  M brought me a cord and a half of wood--it is so dry and burns so well.  Some man had asked if there was someone who needed wood and he would donate it.  So Ron and his family split it all and brought it to me.  So appreciative of that!  The missionaries were supposedly to help unload it and stack it but they had another commitment and couldn't get here till 6 PM.  So Ron had to unload most of it.  I helped but he did the greater portion.  One thing that was nice is since Greg T axed the big tree stump away, Ron can now back his trailer up to about 10 feet from my shed.  Anyway, I fed the missionaries at 6 and they worked until dark and stacked the back row and 1/3 of the second row.  I was too tired to work on it that week, but the next week I finished the stacking myself by doing a little, resting a little, etc.  It rained two days later, so glad it is tucked in for the fall and winter.

Sadie has a new cave to protect her from the elements.  Problem is it is bigger than necessary and won't be protected from the rain and snow unless I put the patio table over it--which will work well I think.  At first she just slept on top of it but she is now crawling in and enjoying it.

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