Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Senior Moments

Having Senior Moments can be dangerous--like leaving the burner going under the frypan, or forgetting you have water running in the tub.  It can also be wasteful, like forgetting you didn't turn the front hose off and it is all going in the ditch.  It can also be expensive, like not noticing that a certain bill had not arrived and so it was not paid through your Credit Union!!

That happened today.  I called them, they assured me it was mailed on June 10, and we had received a notice from LACC to not leave mail in our boxes over night.  I never do, but occasionally I may be gone and pick it up late.  Does someone in the club really want to steal our mail???

At any rate I have a double check system and I finally (a day late) noticed a certain bill had not been paid and saw that it was not secured in it's folder.  I immediately entered it for Golden to pay and called the company.  They waived the fee but set up an email notice for me, I guess another reminder is needful.  I should do that on all my bills.  Most of them go directly to Golden1 and they send me a notice, I should probably set them all up that way before I get even more scatterbrained than I already am...

The joys of aging, it just goes on and on.  Surely had a good nap today, though, that is getting to be a regular and sometimes, two.  Sadie likes it, she usually has to nap alone.

I found that Popcorn Flix has some interesting movies.  I watched "The Odyssey" Part 1 and 2 on two different nights .  I had tried to read the book because it is a classic but I just could not wade through it.  I didn't think the movie was too impressive either but I have now seen it and know what it is all about.

I have also found MGo has new movies a lot cheaper than my Dish Service.  I finally saw "Philomena" and glad I did.  Very sad, and very illuminating as to the frailties of human beings and how much we need to love more and be more compassionate and kind--everyone.

I recently read (audio) the John Grisham sequel to "A Time to Kill"--very worthwhile.  Currently I am reading (audio) Maya Angelou's "Letters to My Daughters".  She has strange stories to tell to give her lessons but she does have a way with words and I like to listen to her voice.

I have read all of Gillian Flynn's current thrillers, now.  She has a way with the macabre, for sure.

The Brooks family was in church Sunday and are moving from Reno to Bozeman to a log house with 20 acres backed up to 200,000 Fed Land.  They are the owners of Oxcai and are doing amazingly well but they are really a lovely family.  They sold their place here in 4 days!!!  With all the furniture!!!  I am sure it was stupendous.  He will fly into Reno once a week to check on their worldwide enterprise.  His mother started the company 15-20 years ago, very smart family!

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