Saturday, May 17, 2014

Melissa Graduates!

Melissa Valko graduated from California State University, Chico on May 17, 2014.  She was a Business Major in Accounting.   She had worked for two years for the Budget Analyst at Chico State and is well-prepared for employment in accounting.  She is leaving June 1 for Asheville, NC where she is seeking employment and will be living with a former girlfriend from Susanville.

CSU, Chico is the second oldest campus of the 23 CSU's and has 16,000 plus students.

All of Melissa's family was at her graduation, except for Mike (Annapolis).  It was a beautiful day and though too long for sitting, the talks were good, and individual recognition was given to each graduate.  It was a dignified, family-oriented graduation ceremony.

After the ceremony we walked to Melissa's rental and had a great lunch of salads, croissant sandwiches, wraps and drinks.  Sharing the brunch was Melissa's Mom and Johnny, who came from Oceanside, Melissa's Dad, who came from Tehachapi, Mitch, who came from Tahoe and rode with his Dad, and who is on his way to work in the Sierras for six months with the U S Forestry, Matt, who came from Tahoe where he works, Grandma, Me--Matt and I drove from Lake Almanor together.  Melissa's roommate and Melissa's Boss came by to wish her well and tell us all how much she is going to be missed!!  She wrote a great recommendation letter for Melissa.  She said since they can't keep her, (they--letter recipient) ought to hire her because she is so good--or something like that, among other things.

Mom and her boys--not boys anymore, they are hardworking men!!  Before Matt left my house to go back to his job in Tahoe he unclogged my sink( that was a hard one), and fixed both the front and back hoses.  Don't know how I could make it without these grandsons helping me out!

59 years from my graduation to Mel's.

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