Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Tree!

Friday Melissa and I saw the new Hunger Games and we both agreed it was better than the first.  I am still a little curious about why the books were written--is it a parody on our government???  (Dec 1-I just read the Wiki about "Hunger Games" and wow, it is so much more complex than I had figured.  I had tried to read the book and hated it but what do I know, it is a phenomenal success--but then I do not like science-fiction.  It is still a puzzle to me though as to why it is praised so much--I guess it should be read and dissected to be appreciated???????'  To quote 'Tim' in a comment after an article about banning the book, he says Collins’ motivation was, in the first place, to portray a world where violence as entertainment had reached its worst and force us to open our eyes to the dangers. )  I did not know that!

After the movie, we actually bought a Christmas tree!!!  It is a table topper from Rite Aid--very healthy and attractive and I haven't had a live tree since Rancho Bernardo I don't think.  And I wasn't going to decorate at all--but with Melissa here I was inspired to keep the tradition of Christmas decorations alive and well.  Plus she could get the big boxes down for me!!!

I am loving all the lights and I had way more decorations than I could possibly use--beautiful tree I think.  Thanks, Melissa.


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