Friday, November 15, 2013

The Ultra Sound Experience

What an exhausting day today.  Dr. Marc wanted me to have ultra sound on my legs to see if I have clogged arteries so I went to Susanville by 11 and picked up the two rings I had sized so they fit me again.  My birthstone Garnet ring I have not worn in years and also a beautiful turquoise and red ring for fun, then picked up my cleaning, my favorite white jacket and red winter jacket I bought in Texas that first year I worked there and then on to do all my shopping at Wal Mart except for the cold things.  By then it was time to rush to Banner Hospital for my 1 PM appointment.

I thought it would be about a 20 minute ordeal as that is how fast the machines were at Scripps--NOT!  I finally got out of there sometime after 3 PM.  What took so long?  For one thing, I think they have an older machine that took more personal time to scope each of the arteries and get their pictures but also there was a student learning how to do it and use the machine.  OK, I was patient with my bare legs exposed and the cold cream and etc pressing on my arteries but my back got very tired!!!.  I also got a lot more information than I usually do at such tests because he was teaching the student everything. 

Unfortunately she took the blood pressure incorrectly on the right ankle and they thought they were going to find a huge blocked artery.  Ha, my legs are fine, just as they were three years ago when they were done but it took a lot of time to find the error and get the final results.  Anyway, no harm done, but I was starving when I got out because I was expecting to have lunch around 1:30 and I hadn't had any breakfast so I dashed to Jack in the Box for my favorite taco and yummm Pumpkin Shake!

Then on to Wal Mart to buy the cold things and dash to IGA for red grapes.  Carole read me the recipe for Mrs. Romney's pistachio salad and I thought I would try it for High Council Sunday.  She puts mandarin oranges, coconut, marshmallows and red grapes in it!!!  I will have to call again for the amounts.

By the time I unloaded the car it was 5:30.  I was supposed to be at a dinner at Church but I hadn't even put the food away, I was so exhausted, and besides I was not hungry since I ate so late.  So Sadie was happy to have me stay home for awhile and I watched '"Killing Kennedy" and "Kennedy's Final Hours".  So well done, such a good watch.  I recorded them both so will save them in case I want to see them again.  I really liked Kennedy and Jackie.  Maria was born the week before and I had my parents at my home in University City and we watched almost every minute of that week's events on TV--Maria got lots of holding and cuddling as we passed her around the room.  I have no recollection what John and Linda were doing at all but they must have enjoyed having everyone in one room watching them play.

So tired and it isn't even bedtime...

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