Wednesday, December 31, 2014

On My 82nd New Year's Eve

More than 82 Things to be Thankful for:

Of course my Mom, Dad, Sisters and Brothers--wonderful family--that is 5 things
Then you add their spouses and kids and mine and that is another 20 so we are up to 25
And then you add my children's spouses and kids and that is another 19 so up to 45 already
Ok, add some more children's children spouses and kids and we are up to 55 or so...
And we haven't even counted other relatives and friends so let's say we are up to 70 at least already!!!

Random thought and degree:

Sadie, so sweet and loving, and even obedient most of the time
Portable heater Melissa did not take to North Carolina--in my bedroom, so great
Seneca Health--caring Drs and caregivers. always just a call or walk-in away
Still have relatively good health...knock on wood.
Wood from Greg and Ron,..enough to take me through the winter and beyond
Wood stove that puts out a lot of warmth
Great furnace that works so well
Phone calls from Maria, Linda, James, Mike, Melissa, the Hardy Children
Kristi's phone calls with children all talking
Skypes with Meagan, Melissa and Maria
Mitch and Matt's help with the yard and house
Meagan and Kristi take pix of their children and post

Love looking at the pix of darling grands and great grands
Grandchildren occasionally post pix

I know how to get those pix in my Picasa and Blog and Google+

My computer works good and I have a tablet, too
My eyes still work well and my ears are ok, just not quite as good as they used to be...
I do not ache too much
All my friends at the Church
A hair cutter whom I like what she does
New recipe for gluten free rolls and pie crust and bread which are wonderful
Salt Caramel Gelato at Holiday
New Taquito recipe from Jean
New Spinach salad recipe from Jean
Wool sox I love (and know where to buy them) from Jean
New organ light from Linda
New Christmas ornaments from Meagan
New swinging Snowman to go with my other snowmen from Maryanne
Peace and quiet where I live
Beauty all around me where I live and on drive to Susanville or Chester or Chico or Westwood
Safe and easy driving all around me
Maryanne likes to drive when we go to movies at the Temple
Delicious gluten free pizza at Buffalo Chips
My new Christmas Tree
My new Smart TV in the bedroom
Love of Jesus Christ and God for us all--constant help from them--answer to prayers
Still in my own home,

Well, there is over a hundred and I am sure there is a hundred more.  I think I will follow BOM365 on my tablet and read the Book of Mormon each day and think of at least one thing I am thankful for...Resolution for this year.  Not promising anything about my diet or weight...just eat so I don't get tummy aches or outgrow my clothes...

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