Tuesday, December 30, 2014

So What Did You Do for Christmas

Christmas this year was celebrated alone with Sadie.  I thought I would go to a movie but I was just happy to sit by the fire and watch Christmas flicks, Christmas music and work on puzzles.

The Mormon Tabernacle Christmas specials from years past, of which I watched about four, were wonderful with all they have added to them.  The Hallmark, Up, and other Christmas shows are always great to watch.

I also have a lot more music from Joanie Hughes from high school and which I never tire listening to.  I haven't even downloaded all of the last songs she sent.

I also have Pandora and of course, the movies on Netflix.

As far as TV is concerned I record everything so I don't have to watch all those commercials.  They are getting longer and longer.

I did two puzzles, one was 500 pieces and easy.   The first 1000 puzzle of Grandma's Attic was quite challenging at the end abut the 1000 piece Snow White was really hard.  I did not finish it until Christmas Eve!!!

For food I mostly had Ham (left over from Branch Christmas Party),  Spinach Salad and Matrimonial Bars.  I had made Mom's Caramel Sauce  for the fruitcake Meagan sent but I forgot about the possible gluten in it and did have a bad reaction so used the warmed sauce on the Mat Bars topped with Cool Whip.  What a wonderful dessert!!

I even ended the year with playing Scrabble with myself--learning new words and I find it quite thought provoking.  I have also been listening to "Unbroken".  I had already read it last year but I wanted to read it again before seeing it, it is at the theater till the 8th.

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