Monday, December 15, 2014

Snow, Snow, Snow

At first Thursday was mad with rain, rain, rain.  I panicked when I saw a huge puddle over my septic tank.  Not knowing if this could be bad I attempted to make an outlet at the corner of the house.  I made a little headway but there were tree roots holding significant dirt around them and I could not cut the roots.  I sent an SOS out to a few men in the church but probably they were working. I could not reach anyone by phone. Finally Jean and then Ron called and said it would not hurt the septic to have water over it, then it began to snow, snow, snow and there was no more problem.

I hate these moments in my life when I am all alone looking for help.  It is so stressful and there have been so many!!!  It seemed it all started with that first phone call when Richard had his heart attack in 1970 and there have been many moments since then.  It reminds me of the book I read years ago written by the first black student at BYU. It was titled "It's You and Me, Lord"  and that is the way I feel so much of the time.  When I asked Margaret the other day how she does it,  "It's the Lord, baby,"it's the Lord."  She is a very prayerful person but has such a hard row to hoe taking care of her husband and herself.  Since she had her stroke he has slid back and it is so hard for her.

I appreciated so much when Greg called some four days later.  He had been working at the prison and just saw my email...he offered help in anyway.  I do appreciate that so much.

By the time the snow was finished we had eight inches and I could not find the phone number of the fellow who said he would come over and use my snowblower.  That red hat in the picture is him.  I finally found the number and called.  I told him he might be the most important person I met this year. He said that was great because he is not important to very many people.  Problem is how can I afford to pay him each time it snows???  And here it is snowing again.  I think I will wait until Wednesday when the snow should be stopping before I call him again.

I  had a bad week, terrible UTI and then after being out in the rain, sore throat, earache and congestion.  Hoping the antibiotic will heal everything.  The first antibiotic she gave me was a Sulpha drug and I had a horrible heat rash reaction, so many things I react to.

And, sitting and working on the puzzle has given me a backache, and I do enjoy puzzling so much.  I found if I sit on the bed and put the vibrator on the painful spot om my back and press against it against the back board, it really helps get rid of the pain.  It was just in one spot and felt like the shingles, strange!

When I realized I had volunteered to take funeral potatoes to the Branch Christmas Party I wondered How I could hold a hot casserole with two hands and get down my icy stairs without holding on.  So I created a holder.  I think I will keep it around, it may come in handy again.

The dinner at the Christmas Party was really good, the ham was so moist and tender and excellent side dishes.  I especially liked the spinach salad that Jane had made.  She said it was Jean's recipe.  I will have to get it.  I left right after dinner.  I just need to get lots of sleep and get well!!!!  The most important job I have right now is keeping me healthy for another few years so I can enjoy my home.and life.

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