Thursday, December 18, 2014

Miracle for Christmas

I enjoy watching all the Hallmark Christmas movies each year, happy endings only!  I like happy endings but old age doesn't seem to be a very happy ending.

I wish I had more energy,
I wish my memory was sharper,
I wish I could move faster,
I wish my shape was better,
I wish I had money,
I wish my hearing was better,
I wish my eyes didn't get so tired,
I wish my hands were more dexterous,
I wish I didn't ache at all.
I wish I didn't have so many wrinkles.

All the things we could do at 25 we just took for granted and never even thought about a day when we could not do them.

The year is almost over.  I had hopes of being totally out of debt and in a more comfortable financial situation, It is not going to happen.  Do I believe in miracles?  I have had a few miracles in my life.  I guess the fact I have a home I was able to buy on my own when I did not even have secure employment is one miracle for sure.  The fact I have a new, safe car to take through my aged years is probably another kind of miracle.  The fact I can get by month after month without enough money is probably another miracle.  I have always wondered if those people who have always had lots of money know what it is like to not have enough?  I doubt they think about it anymore than I thought about wrinkles and loss of energy at 25.

Ha, I remember even at 25 I never had enough money to make it through the month it seemed.  The only time I seemed to have an abundance of money was in the 70's and when I was working for the SBA in my 70's.  I should have saved more or paid off my house as I planned.  Not too smart, Janet.

So shall I wish for a miracle for Christmas?  Why Not?  My life continues to be a Catch 22.  But one can always hope.  No one can take that away.

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