Sunday, December 13, 2015

Eating Out

Today it was very icy when we got to church, in fact, a man came to help us walk on the ice.   But when we left church, the sun was shining and the roads and walks were melted.  We ate lunch at "On the Border" today, last Sunday it was "Outback".  Price about the same for lunch but "Outback" was better.  We did have excellent chips today though.  In RS they had a little brunch but when I saw there was nothing to drink I went to the fountain and ate mine.  I am so afraid I will choke without water nearby.  A little toddler who wanders from person to person spent most of RS with us.  She wanted me to open her bottle and help her drink it.  Then she put her little feet on my boots and loved it when I moved my feet up and down.  She stayed the whole time with Marilyn and I until she wandered over to where they had a pile of fake gifts and took off the bow and brought it to us.  Marilyn told her to take it back, which she did, but it was then stuck to her hand and she could not get it off so thought she better leave us and took the bow with her.

Definitely my eating out has improved while I have been here.  Other places I have eaten are "Montana Grill" which had superb Angus Beef, "Bonefish" where I had excellent fish and chips, "Smashburger" which had the Angus Beef hamburger, which was a little over done, but good... and Jack in the Box where we had tacos and shakes and the mall where we had Chinese!!!

We have bought the Angus Beef twice for hamburger and steak and it is better, costs twice as much though.  Marilyn has a double Foreman cooker which cooks two quarter pounders in three perfection!!!

Marilyn said the Taco Salad I make is far superior to the one she had at "On the Border" today.  That is good.  I also make the Spinach Salad a lot and some of my veggie dishes.  I make my yogurt each week also.

I have done a lot of Christmas baking and sent most of it away but we loved the Ginger cookies with frosting and the new chocolate chip cookie, two new recipes besides the old standbys.  I also have a new penoche recipe which I like better than my old one.  Marilyn collects recipes but I have been doing most of the cooking.  Need to try some more new things.

Sadie was lucky again today, she got her walk, it is so beautiful and warm.  It snows and it melts...

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