Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Fun at the Mall

Today we had fun at the Colorado Mills Mall.  Marilyn wanted to get some exercise so before getting some food at Target we looked for Marilyn's perfume Ombre Rose.  The first place said it was $49 but Marilyn remembered the little kiosk a few weeks ago that had told her it was $35 so she passed it up.  Marilyn is very thrifty.  We walked and walked and walked and finally found the girl in the kiosk.  They had one bottle left and it was $45.  Marilyn asked if that was the best she could do?  I said she had quoted $35 a few weeks ago, could she do that? If you buy it right now, she said.  So that made Marilyn happy.  That perfume has a lovely smell!!!

Then we went into Dress Barn.  I couldn't find anything but they had some really cheap earrings, so I bought them.  Then we went to Christopher ? and Marilyn found three jackets for $19.99 while the same jackets in different colors were $49.99.  She bought the purple and I bought the grey and I have so much I can wear with it,  Good shopping day!!!

I also figured out how to make pictures from the movies.  I can do it on my Windows Movie Maker or in Picassa.  I just download the movie but putting ss before the address after the Http business and then I can capture screen shots.  It was fun capturing some pictures from 1959 which I had never seen before.  We did not take many pictures at that time and they were all in black and white.  I have very pix of Richard at that time and none with Mom and Dad so that is good.  Carole wants me to make a pix of her with Poika...just need to find which movie she is talking about.

Sadie is always begging Marilyn to play with her by throwing the ball.  She never bothers me.  I guess she is used to me always being busy doing something but she has been getting her walks and that makes her happy.  She likes to sit on Marilyn's lap the same way she sat on Jeanne's, in their lounge chairs and then Marilyn rubs her back and she loves that.

Jeanne called today and she was happy to get the goodies.  Steve had found that she had never retrieved the package from her mailbox but she said it was all fresh and good.  She thought I had sent the "Montana" book this year and so read it all she said.  She said it was like reading a good novel!!!!  Anyway I decided I would read it again and it took a looooong time but it was fund to read all that stuff about my first 22 years of life, I am not sure how many people have bothered to read it but I did get some good laughs as well as fun memories revived.  I had a great childhood, high school and college, very lucky in that area.

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