Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Texts and Calls

Loved getting texts and pictures on my Smart Phone, I have really appreciated that phone this year and thank to James and Camber so much for providing, I did not dream I would enjoy it so much.

It is easier for everyone to just text me a message and send quick pictures and now thanks to the Masseys I have finally learned how to talk on Hang Out and see them and talk.  So enjoyed talking while seeing Meagan and the baby, Keira, Matt and Eden.

Baby's full name is Nico Liam...I thought they would name him Liam, Matt's middle name, Granddad's name, I like it...Nico Liam. Meagan explained why Liam was middle and not first...Matt did not want it as a first name.

Anyway I sent a Christmas message from my phone with this pix and heard back from many.  Seems I am always away at Christmas but Marilyn and I enjoyed a lovely Christmas Eve dinner with Holly, such a lovely lady, granddaughter of Marilyn.  She works a few days a week as the Head Resident of a home for ladies from 18-29 recovering from addiction.  She explained her role and I can see why she would be very good at it thought she is about the same age as some of them, I am sure.  Forgot to take her picture!!!

Some pictures I captured from phone and internet of Christmas Fun.  I am sure I will capture some more.

The Bishops

The Hardy Boys

Pulsiphers and Rasimas and Valkos

Pulsiphers and Joe

Brusehaver Family

Bobby Smith and granddaughter

Chris Fuqua

The Diedes

Carole and Len 

Chris Fuqua again.

Carole and Twinnies

Megan and Maddie

Steph with twins and Finn.

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