Monday, November 30, 2015


We have been eating our Thanksgiving dinner everyday, now and still have some left and I have gained 5 lb s.  I need to get back to not eating  sugar again.  We made a lot!!!! 

Strangely I have not had too upset a digestion system but I do make my yogurt and eat it every day, helps so much.  I made pumpkin bread twice for give aways and peanut brittle which was really good, too and a new recipe for cchip cookies and ginger snaps which were both good, a lot is in the freezer but I haven't had so many goodies around for a long, long time.  Marilyn has a bad back so I do most of the cooking but except for raking up some leaves, outside work is minimal.  I bought a puzzle which we finally finished but now I have another and it will really be hard.

It has been very cold here, too, and the snow is still on all the trees and it has snowed a lot and is not melting this time but the roads were pretty clear from here to Marilyn's Ward which is fairly close, so that is good and shopping is near.  Sadie has not had a walk outside for about 4 days but she has the nice back yard and continues to spot a bunny or two  which makes her run a little.  Marilyn's granddaughter was here on the weekend, she lives in Colorado Springs and had a challenge with the roads, luckily she missed the big pile ups there on Saturday nite and Sunday.  Marilyn keeps her home very warm so that is nice and not having to worry about wood and making a fire is good so it has been nice here. I have been wearing my long johns to bed and threw on an extra down quilt the last few nights.

It snowed and was very cold for the Bronco, Patriot game on Sunday and I stopped watching it when the Patriots were 14-0 so surprised the Broncos won, wow, amazing and with out Peyton Manning, too.

Have only seen one movie since coming and Marilyn only likes happy endings so watch a lot of Hallmark, and I try and keep up with my regular shows by ON DEMAND, she does not use a recorder but has 4 tvs!!!

I miss my home and my movies and seeing everyone at home but time is going fast.  I hate to fly but I am flying to San Diego on the 30th for Amy's Temple Wedding on Jan 2 and then I am flying back here on the 8th, hope that all goes well.  I hope all is well at my house.  All of Maria's boys are in San Diego and helping to rebuild the Rasimas house in La Jolla.  Will be like a duplex kind of when completed.  But it had to be gutted and plumbing all redone and they are adding a deck and new windows and all new inside except for a few walls of paneling and flooring that was still good.   

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