Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Letter

I sent this to my family by email.
Happy Thanksgiving Family!

Hope you have a wonderful week! 

How are things wherever you all are this week?  What are your plans for the holiday?  Marilyn and I will be alone except for Marilyn’s granddaughter who works in Colorado Springs will be coming for the weekend.  Neither one of us want to fly anywhere, her family have all been here recently.  Between the two of us we have family scattered throughout California, Nevada, Texas, Idaho, Utah, Montana, Colorado, Minnesota, and North Carolina, but we are alone, ha.

We have had three snowstorms but the sun comes out and it is gone soon, it is cold at night but the sunshine shines in the day.  We stay off the roads until it is all melted.  The sun is so bright and close.  Hope you saw my recent pix on Instagram, the sun was amazing at sunset.

We have made too many goodies for Thanksgiving but she has some friends she wants to take some things too.  I am doing most of the cooking but am enjoying that.  She has a lot more aches and pains than I do but Sadie is still getting a lot more walking between the two of us than she did before.

Marilyn has a lovely large home so it is like living in a nice hotel where I am the head chef.  We have only seen one movie so far but have lots to watch on TV.  We have been out to lunch at least twice a week or more since I arrived.  I like the Montana Grill and Bonefish the best.  She belongs to two groups from her last ward and her new one and one goes to lunch and one has potluck.  Montana Grill is Ted Turner’s place and the beef was to die for!!!

Friday we went to “Tuesday Morning” and I bought a round puzzle which will keep us busy for the holidays, it is hard!!!  And then she has two Hallmark channels so that, too.  I also brought Roku so TV’s are busy!!

Send pix on Instagram and love to skype or get emails or phone calls, miss seeing everyone, love you all!!!

The tree is up!!

Replica of Glendive, there is the Andersons Store in the middle with Hagenstons, Meissners Grocery Store, Rose Theater, the Railroad, and our house on the hill!!!

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