Saturday, June 14, 2014


This week Sadie and I have been battling the moths.  Not cute little moths that put their wings out like cousins to the butterfly but ugly dark moths that have wings tight to their sides when they are resting.  I have never seen anything like it.  The hardware man told me other people have said the same thing.

Is it because we had a mild winter, as Matt suggested?  I don't know but two nights ago I was knocking them out with a broom (about 10 in my hall) and knocked the thermostat off the wall and broke it.  I will have to call my heating man to come fix it for sure.

Two days ago I found out where about 100 were sleeping? in the daytime -- under the pads on my chaise lounge.  I battled them with the broom one day and the hose the next day.  Today I did not see any. Another place I have been squirting out everyday is the top of my lattice under my deck.  Hundreds would fly out of there.  Not too many today.

When I say Sadie--she is the one who noticed them first and was attacking them on the deck and in the patio door.  One day when I opened my front door a flurry of them flew--I opened the screen door fast and they flew to the sun, thank heaven.  Today when I got in my car, some flew out.  How could that be???  I found they had tucked themselves into the rim of the door--so had come from the outside.

I am worried that some may have gotten into my closet but I have not found anything safe to put in there yet. I guess I will have to make my own sachets--the moth balls are too dangerous.

Still, the question is, why are they so plentiful, what does it mean?  And have I ridded myself of them, in the house at least???  I surely hope so.

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