Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day 2014

Father's Day today and while I was listening to four children talking about their Father and telling Father's Day stories I was thinking of some about my Dad.

I remember so well in my preschool years standing in front of him at our Cottage meetings and singing "In Our Lovely Deseret"--an old fashioned song they never sing in Church anymore.  I didn't know all the words but the ones I did I loved to sing out.

We went on picnics and he would help us get that strange thick grass that had joints--so fun to play with, I wonder what it was.  We also gathered cattails.  This was when I was in grade school.

He expected us all to work and always had something for us to do--I started putting price tags on clothes at the store when I was very young.  It was things like sox and simple things like that.  He made us all part of everything and never acted like we did anything wrong.  Were we really that helpful when so young?  I remember doing the inventory every year between Christmas and New Years.  Very tedious but no one complained that I remember.

He never yelled at us, did he?  Very gentle.  No physical punishment of any kind.  Were we always so good or did my parents just not believe in punishment.  They just expected us to do what we should and be where we should be it seemed.

In high school he was always at all the ball games and knew our friends who played ball and would talk to them.  He drove me and my friends to many a football and basketball game away from home. My friends thought he was marvelous to be willing to do that.

He didn't get mad at me when I dented the car running into someone else, he just talked quietly to me and had me drive the car home so I would not lose my confidence or dignity I guess.

He never seemed stressed by so many children with needs--just seemed to enjoy the whole family scene.   He had three in college at a time for quite awhile.  Never complained that I remember but he did expect us all to work to share in the cost.

Maria also sent some thoughts about Richard, her Dad, which I appreciated so much!

Happy Father's Day!  Since I don't have one here to send anything to, just thought I'd tell you picked a great dad for your kids!

A few favorite memories as a child:

You always had dinner in the oven for him and a place set on the table for when he came home late (which was often).  I loved coming downstairs and sitting with him while he ate.  He would put bread in his milk...I always thought that was so funny.

He made bologna treats, just wrapped lettuce and miracle whip in a bologna burrito for a snack.

I loved running down the stairs and jumping in his arms, standing on his feet to dance and playing games with him in Sacrament meeting with his hands, while his eyes were closed.  He was so patient and easy going.

Once was challenged to walk on his hands, and he did, right in the foyer at church.

I still miss him and often wish I could talk over things with him because he always had a great perspective and an analogy that shed light in a new way.

Lots of good memories of growing up in our house!

PS--About the bread in the milk.  This was something we did when we were growing up, too.  If it was toasted, we put butter on the bread and put it in warm milk--so soothing.  If it was plain white bread in cold milk, we would sprinkle a little sugar on it.  My dad loved to put his cake in milk--always ate it that way that I remember.

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