Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Water Heater

I must say my water heater is beautiful and has all kinds of attachments for safety and drainage and venting...and no matches, state of the art, and much safer than my other one.  They were here from 8 to 4:30 sawing pipes, welding, etc etc and the water ( if need be) would go down a pipe and out the house onto the dirt!!  And I don't have to worry about it exploding. So all in all it is a very good thing for me.  If I leave for any length of time I just turn it to pilot and no matches and crawling on the floor to light it when I come back.  But it did cost even more than the estimate so I begged for four months and he finallygave it to me.  So humiliating, but... However I tracked down the ad that said I got 50 free gallons of propane and 2 years free rental on the tank so I have a full tank for a little over a $100 and that is amazing.  Sue found the ad in her newsletter and texted it to me!!!

Yesterday I really got a lot of work down on the back, I now have 33 bags of waste and I have been putting out two a week since I got here and there is 30 more piles of waste to pick up.  There is a huge pile of great branches to chop and about 3 x 8 pile of logs to split.  The drier the trees the more branches fall off I guess and the trees that were felled are quite dry so I will have lots of twigs and hopefully by winter the logs will be split and dry enough to burn.

Anyway James sent some money, yea, so I am off to Walmart;s this morning.  It is so calm and lovely and no hot or windy, perfect weather and the lilies are starting to bloom so great time to be in Lake Almanor.

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