Monday, June 27, 2016

Back to the Forest

For some reason I am getting up at about 4:30 A M and going to bed at about 9 PM.  I finished the book yesterday by Sarah Waters called "The Paying Guests".  She is a marvelous writer.  Definitely a book about lesbianism, but relationships in general, too.  The funny thing I thought is she had the mother at 55 not doing much physical work at all and needing to be taken care of after her husband dies.  Wow, things are surely a lot different here in America.  But I am not sure what year the book was supposed to take place, that may make a difference.

Finally made it to church yesterday but I was listening to my book and when it was past time to leave and I had just grabbed my purse and left my house in a hurry to get there on time!!!  While I was sitting in Sacrament Meeting I suddenly remembered I had not brought Sadie in from outside or did I not put her outside?  Was she wandering the house or was she waiting to be let in? .I did not have water outside and I could not remember!!!  I don't think I have ever done this before.  After Sacrament meeting I told Karen I will have to go home, I can't remember where Sadie was when I left...I get dorkier all the time!!!!.  I had left her outside and she was waiting to come in!!!!

The neighbor boys next door are up and they keep their dog tied up outside.  Yesterday afternoon Sadie dashed out without me getting her leash on.  I did not want her bothering that pit bull so I grabbed my leash and followed her toward the next lot.  When she saw me following her she actually turned and came back and let me put the leash on.  Wow, this is a switch.  Is she actually trained to mind me now?  Or does she like that I am feeding her better food now and she does not want that to end???  I have no idea.

Anyway it is a new week, end of June and I am heading outside to put piles of waste into the garbage bags and also do the watering...glad I have such important work to do!!! Ha!

Saturday I called Dave and we chatted for a long time, he does a great job doing everything for Dorothy, this is his 89th birthday and health wise they do very far.

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