Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Stop the World, I Want to Get Off

The Ferrellgas came this morning and installed the new tank.  I chatted with the young man who had severe burns from an explosion two years ago when he was exchanging a tank and a spark somehow ignited the tank, burned him and the house but the owners got out.  He looked really good, has one more surgery to replace skin on both arms, they may use pigskin, he says.  Marvelous attitude about the whole thing, but he has this nerve damage that is a constant pain and that is why the surgery is needed.  Still it is most amazing what they can do now days.  He looked great.

Meanwhile the water heater is still being installed.  When I told the Ferrellgas how much it was going to cost, he rolled his eyes,  "For a water heater? I will never recommend them again, I am so sorry." "He says it is very complicated with propane as opposed to natural gas or electric.." I said.  They have been here almost four hours and it is not completed so I guess it is complicated.  It may cost even more than they estimated.  Certain things that were not there before...etc.  Maybe that is why it went bad?  At any rate, life goes on, I can't afford it but I have to have it so what do you do...I am living too long, that is all there is to it.  Stop the World, I Need to Get Off...

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