Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Super Hero in the way of a Serviceman to the Rescue!

I have been back from Marilyn's and another month in San Diego for almost three months now and have not written in here.  Just let me say I have been working hard...and Today I am feeling very grateful and weepy at the same time.

Last week I decided I should make the change to Ferrell's Gas as it will be cheaper.  This morning a guy from Ferrell's came and as we walked down the hall to check out the furnace register I said, "Hey, you're a smart guy, could you look at my water heater and see what is going on."  He took one look and exclaimed, "You are very fortunate your house has not burned down!" That is when I became weepy.  (There was black soot all over and he turned it off immediately and said the controls were burned out and it cannot be turned on again.)  Why didn't I address this sooner? I looked at it the other day, but my mind did not process to call a plumber and take care of this!!!)

Such a nice guy, I was having a melt down, (Thank you Lord for watching over me!) He began calling plumbers to no avail, plus I would need to buy the heater in Susanville, Reno, or Chico and get it up here....and finally he said I could use the one in town but he hated to see me taken as they are very expensive but they would have the tank and could install it!!!!  Today, maybe? He talked to them to get a quote and he had to take a picture and send them first.  (Mind you, this is not his job, he is just being super kind  because I appeared so helpless!)

When the quote came in, I really became weepy...me. Janet who never cries.  So expensive.  I had called Linda to see if she remembered seeing any of this burned soot and she said NO but she did sweep up some black stuff (burned stuff?, or what).  I asked the plumbing company if they could take payments and the lady asked if I could three--on a charge card I said? Yes, OK.  They can't come till tomorrow and Ferrell's will come after them.

I also had to have three trees cut down.  Evidently the drought has affected the trees (this is an old forest I live in so they say)  They were grateful for the work and would charge only $300--and cut it in logs and stack it.  What a deal, two summers ago I paid $1100 for three and didn't even keep the wood.  My nice neighbor across the street was looking out for me, too.  He found a good deal for his five trees and sent them over to me!!!

About 2 pm yesterday I heard a light knock on the door, I had been napping and just woke up.  I asked if he had come to cut the trees and he said they were already done!!  I had slept through it all.  Did not hear a sound...anyway they were very thankful for the work and the check...no shopping till July, Janet...

Anyway I have been feeling especially vulnerable lately and not too physically well and yes, always needing money since James is having his problems which affect me.  Anyway I always think to myself as I say my prayers, the Lord knows my problems and will send help if I am really in trouble. Well, today he sent help in the way of a super nice service man who has probably saved a big fire in my house.  I said, "And you saved my life, too,"  He said he would not go so far as to say that, but defintely the house...

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