Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Beach Boys

What an enjoyable day today.  It was a "The Beach Boys" marathon on AxsTV and I loved all the music.  What talented boys, so sad for a lot of the things they went through but I loved the music.  So many times this past year I have been watching a musical show on TV and had to turn it off because there was just jumping around noise and not music to me.  Is there any beautiful music being written today?  I wonder.

I am so in awe of people who understand music, it is so complicated to me.  I was just thinking (again) how lacking in any real skills or talent I am.  But I so appreciate those who can make beautiful, meaningful music and I love hearing their stories.  It just seems that those of us who are not talented have a much easier life without all the stress, demons, and pain that artists seem to have.

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