Thursday, February 18, 2016

Health Issues and Sadie is Groomed

Yesterday we took Sadie to be groomed and on the way I was telling Marilyn how I had fixed a hot lemonade/honey drink because of this darn sore throat I had and my mouth was really hurting.  It reminded me of when I had that yeast infection last summer and they put me on two bottles of $75 medicine!!!

She told me that the King Soopers next door to Pet Smart was the one that had a Clinic and so we should go.  It has been totally remodeled and had the big pharmacy next door.  Yes, they took Medicare and after a short wait I was ushered into a new med room that was very nice and the little gal took all my vitals.

Shortly a lady PA in her 60s or so came in with a young intern--they are a part of the University of Colorado.  He did the exam and she wrote everything in to the computer and gave him suggestions. They did a strep test as well, she was very thorough with the questions to help him.  I told them I had no med insurance and she gave me one $4 pill to replace the two bottles of $75 medicine I had last time!!!  She gave me a refill but doubted I would need it.  She also gave me $4 lidocaine for the mouth pain.  She also suggested to try Nasacort for my allergies which have been giving me such a bad time.  She said they are prescription dose but recently went over the counter.  I tried it last night and I am sold.  Anyway good medical experience.

They also gave me a complete printout of what they gave me and all my vitals.  Quite impressive.  I have scheduled appointments for carotid screening, dernatologist, urologist, and thoracic surgeon in San Diego so should have a good med update while in San Diego.

I have decided it is invaluable that I record this Med stuff, I went right to my blog in July and found exactly what medicine was given and what preceded it, could not remember on my own, of course.

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