Monday, February 08, 2016

January is Gone!

Where did January go?  I haven't written in my blog for a long time.  That is because I finished my puzzles and decided to get back to working on uploading stories and pictures to the Memories Section of Family Search.

I am so glad I scanned all those pictures a couple years ago, it makes it so much easier.  I am also glad I typed up so many family stories and have them on my computer.  The new system for labeling and uploading is so easy, I am really enjoying it.

I recently reviewed the suggestions which I never got around to reading and went back and labeled all pictures by family names which soon became albums to they are organized much better than they were.

For my birthday this year Maria gave me Aromatherapy and I have been enjoying scent and smell as I work at the computer or read before bed.  Very nice!  With Linda's gift I got the larger George Foreman "lean, mean grilling machine" which I will enjoy.  We have used Marilyn's several times and really like how quickly it cooks the chicken or ground beef.  I do not know why I keep forgetting to take pictures!!!

Yesterday in Church I shared my experience of working in Family History for the past 65 years.  It seems no matter how much I have done there is always so much I do not know and have not done. But for the most part it has been a joy in my life.

I watched several sessions on Root Tech this past weekend and realized I should have permission for live people who end up in pictures I am uploading so I sent an email out to some nieces and nephews and heard back from most of them with enthusiasm for having me do it and that they were grateful for all the work I have done.

Marilyn and I went to lunch at Olive Garden with Marilyn's friend Shirley Friday before last and then saw the movie "Brooklyn".  It was very enjoyable.  I have to remember to just do the endless salad and soups when I go to Olive Garden though, I ordered the Lasagna and of course, didn't eat the pasta and I don't really like all the tomato sauce so it was a ridiculous order.  Soups and salad were good though.  We had intended to go to Red Robin but it was very crowded.  Marilyn has so many good restaurants close around.

Last Sunday we went to a Mexican restaurant which was wonderful and I really like "Bonefish" and we have been there twice and each time I have the Fish and Chips, excellent.

Yesterday was a good day, we cooked a Teriyaki Pork Tenderloin and baked potatoe and Marilyn mde a good pineapple cabbage slaw and then I made Hot Fudge to enjoy on ice cream while we watched the Super Bowl.  It was very fun to see the Broncos win!!!

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