Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Winter Will Be ? Summer was Hotter...

Summer Weather Recap / Autumn Outlook – from Dale Knutsen
"Summer in the Lake Almanor basin was dominated by our typical dry conditions with only a few brief episodes of scattered thunderstorms or sprinkles. The combined recorded rainfall for the three month period from July through September only amounted to 0.77 inch at the Prattville monitoring site. It is not unusual to have even less during that period, even though the long-term average accumulation for those months would be a little over an inch.
Summer temperatures were a little on the warm side, especially August. The average lows and highs for July were about a half degree warmer than the norm. August was substantially hotter, with our average low coming in 2.5 degrees above the long-term figure and our average high running 3.8 degrees hotter. Things settled down a bit in September when our average low was 0.3 degree cooler than the norm and our average high was 1.1 degrees warmer.
The weather prognosticators haven’t come across any clear indicators of what we should anticipate for autumn and winter. Water temperature patterns in the Pacific are an important influence on west coast weather, but there are no strong El Nino or La Nina effects apparent at this time. That leaves the weather models (and forecasters) in an ambiguous state where there are approximately equal chances of a wet season, a dry season or something in between. All of which makes your guess as good as that of a professional!"

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