Friday, October 14, 2016

And the Beat Goes On...All about the Septic

It is a rainy day and the tarp put over the septic covers did no good, the wells were filled with water.   "No problem," said Vince, the Sanitation man, we have tools.  So two hours later my septic wells are all clean and I should not have to do anything for another seven years, not three years or five years, but seven!!!  I could see  all the muck and paper when he was working.  It was full but he said the problem is how it is constructed inside, something needed to be a foot longer or so.  So it was not anything I was doing wrong except 11 years was a little too long before getting it pumped.  Oh, yes, and he said it did not have to be inspected every year and definitely, "Do not put any Ridex, etc. down the toilets!"  It is does not need anything, he said.

Then he said they could put the risers on on Monday.  He would have Stephanie call me.  But then I got to thinking about the guys who did the work yesterday and they suggested I call Greg about doing the risers.  They were the ones that rushed out to help me so quickly shouldn't they have the job?  I called Greg's office and again the gal (wife? secretary?) wanted Greg to talk to me.  He convinced me they wanted to do it and it would cost more but they should use the better lids.  The plastic ones that Vince uses are too flimsy, children can actually stand on them and they break.  So I said I would let them take care of it and I called Stephanie and told her the same.  He said they had to order the lids today and it would be done middle of next week.  It always costs to use Greg but hasn't he always done a superb job and he is very kind and helpful.  I loved the way they trimmed all my trees when I first moved here.

So there goes the rest of the tax money I had saved.  Guess I will have to use a charge card to pay my taxes...bummer.

2/21/17  To be remembered for Spring.  For some reason Greg did not respond, after calls and a letter so in the spring, call Westwood and get this finished!!!  Nathan did cover with plywood so hopefully it did not damage the septic too much to go through the winter uncovered.

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