Friday, July 01, 2016

Now That is Just Mean...

Yesterday I had the infection in my mouth again!  Come to find out Nasacort which I have been using while working in the pine trees can kill the good bacteria as well and make you vulnerable for infection...and as Dr Tonya says,  my immune system is not working too well.

But I had given up on Golden 1 coming through and I thought it was strange they did not at least let me know but...anyone as I went off to the Walk-in Clinic I retrieved my mail and there were two letters from Golden 1 and one said I had been approved for a $10,000 loan.  Wow, that is great, I will have a payment of about $212 and the water heater would be paid for and all my cards paid off.  A good start again!!!  I was elated.

By the time I got back from Chester it was too late to call.... so in the morning...I finally figured out how to get a person...not easy on their answer call...certainly not the way I remember it when I was working in Sacramento and used them all the time.

Anyway I finally got a person and she looked my loan number up and then asked, "Would you like to sign on-line or go down to the Susanville Branch?"  Wow again, sign on line, and that is simple.

Then, oh, wait a minute she says...there was a note added on the 27th and they will not count any your other income because it is not on a tax will need to get a co-applicant.

Whaaat...not that is just mean, to get me all excited and think I have money and then bring me way down with that.  I don't have a co-applicant...I would rather have not heard anything at all.  So depressing.

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