Saturday, July 09, 2016

Jeanne Makes the Move!

Supposedly Jeanne is moving into Treeo on Center St in Orem today.  She changed her mind several times but I think once she realized Cathryn was not planning on staying she finally decided to go for sure.  She does not like living alone and she really does need someone there.  As she says, "I have perfect health from my nose down!"

The nice thing about Treeo is that the cost is month to month and so if you change your mind or want to go somewhere else, you can.

Marilyn says her room will be right next to Deloris--Deloris lived just down the street from us in Glendive and was in between Marilyn's and my age and we were all in the same group in high school but she was closer to Marilyn.  Plus they both did athletic things and had that in common.

Jeanne met Deloris over at Treeo when she was checking it out and she said, "Are you Deloris's mother?"--

According to Marilyn and Alice, Deloris is quite happy there.  For one thing she is getting better health care and realizes her situation was not quite as bad as she thought it was.  The other thing is she is not working the yard all the time and doesn't have those aches and pains so much.

I can understand how nice it will be to always have someone to talk to at meal time, if you want to. That is the way it was in SBA--even though you were alone in your room, you always had someone to chat with at meal time or work time.

I will be anxious to hear if she actually makes the move and how she likes it!!!

6 PM--Marilyn called Jeanne and confirmed she is in, She has her own phone with her regular number.  She just had supper downstairs with her friend Madeline and she is happy.

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