Thursday, July 07, 2016

Beautiful Weather and Books

I am enjoying getting up early and watering and watching the lilies bloom.  Just hope the deer won't chomp at them.  I was surprised to see a deer had moved the wires around the little bushes to get at some of the branches two days in a row but did not take a try at the lilies.  Perhaps the spray I use on them really works!

Just finished another book by Mary Kubica.  She writes thrillers, no doubt about that, I just have to keep listening even if it is late at night or I am cleaning or whatever.  What would I do without my books.

It is time to start summarizing all those black books on my shelves and finish my life, once and for all.  I wonder if I am up to it.  I was looking at the years 81 to 90 for the dividend I should have received from the stores as Carole and Marilyn said.  I do not remember it and I can find no reference to it at all...and as I read through some of the letters, I could not remember very much of what I read. However, I do have some vivid learning memories about the loan business which I never wrote down so now is the time.  Why does it matter, it matters to me, that is why.  It is write about the Business...

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