Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Arky is Laid to Rest

Graveside services were held for Charles "Arky" Smith on Saturday, October 26, 2015.  About 35 people were there, 18 of them being relatives.

Pictured here left to right are Bobby Smith and his two sons CaseyGreer and Ben Smith, Holly Twenhofel ( Daughter Laurie's daughter), Zach, Daughter Sherry's son, Marilyn, Debbie (daughter) and Tom Brusehaver with Maddie, daughter of Debbie's daughter Megan (next to Tom) and her husband Shirantha Fernando behind Randy Smith, the youngest boy in front is Randy's, Debbie and Tom's sons are on either side of Randy, Antwone and Daejon, Adam Smith (son of Randy) and lastly Matt Chirrick and his wife (son of Debbie).

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