Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thanksgiving Week 2016

I flew to San Diego on Tuesday the 22nd and stayed at James and Camber's house in Del Mar for a week.  It was a lovely time.  We had the White Elephant Christmas party with the Masseys and Pulsiphers and Hardys.

The Hardys all dressed in their Ugly Christmas Sweaters.

Eden patiently waits her turn while Keira hopes to hang on to her prize, which she did.

I think I ended up with the puzzle that is in Matt's hands.  I didn't get too well acquainted with Nico yet.

Amy got the Ginch Costume and looked so cute in it.

 I look like a feeble old lady the way I am holding my hand...don't know why I did that!

Camber posed this picture and it turned out really cute I think.  Grandma with 6 of her 15 grandchildren and 3 of her 7 great grandchildren.

 On Thanksgiving Day we had Maria and Johnny, Camber's parents and her niece and a cousin, and James' Assistant and his mother plus the missionaries.  It was a great dinner and Mary had a fun question and dart game for us after.

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