Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Masseys Arrive!!!

Keira at the airport...

I was so happy to have my granddaughter Meagan and her darling family (Matt, Keira and Eden) fly to Reno and then drive to my home on Friday, August 29th.  They were here until Wednesday, September 3, 1:30 PM.

Keira was delighted to find she had a big TV in her room.  From then on she watched "Annie" if she was going to nap or go to bed.

The weather was so wonderful (best time of the year) we ate outside and Matt cooked for us on the barbeque.  I also tried to make them breakfast each mother and I found they loved bacon and any kind of pancake.

A few times I got to take care of Eden and we got acquainted and I found she was a delight to hold and play with.  She loved giving me the raspberry.

At the concert while the others were dancing...

Taking Selfies...

Even Keira and Eden stayed with me alone without Mom and Dad for a couple hours while Mom got a dinner out together and alone for a change.  They said the Red Onion was good!!

Keira and Eden have fun in the house, too, the tinker toys and lincoln logs even got used...

Fun on the hammock and Keira painted the deck and played with Sadie, they became very good

The beach at Rec I was not the best place this year because the water was very low and Rec 2 had lots of rocks...bummer, but there was Miniature Golfing and Meagan finally got to try those Cinnamon Rolls--I had no idea she wanted one!

There was a short hike west of town...

Into the woods...

Fun exploring the shops in Chester with a trip to Frosties, of course.

And of course, the Bandshell.  It was the largest crowd I had ever seen and the noisiest Rock Band ever--we had to retreat to the fence to get a little distance.

And the renting of a boat and tube the day after Labor Day was great--no wind, nobody else on the lake!!!

Of course, we had to visit Buffalo Chips and Paul Bunyan...

Keira the Clown! 

Finally it was time to say Goodbye--I hope they come next year!  It made my summer!

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