Saturday, August 22, 2015

Linda and Maria at My House!!!

Linda and Maria came up in Maria's car last Sunday!  Maria was here part of the time and spent other time with Matt, Mitch and their girl friends in Tahoe.  It was wonderful having them here and they also helped me a lot.

Before Maria went down to Tahoe, she and Linda had bagged all the rest of the yard which I was never able to finish!  Then they cleaned out the garage and we accumulated a car full of Thrift items. Linda and I took them to the Thrift.  Maria also found a lot of things of her to throw away!

While Linda was here we (mostly her) put up the new blinds in the two bedrooms.  At last we can open and shut the blinds again.

Then we found some paint from when the house was originally built I guess and Linda painted the hallway, part of the entry way and a couple walls in each bedroom, that finished the paint.  She also painted the trim on the garage door.  And then she stained the front deck and steps!!!  Wow, really appreciated all her work.

Finally we made trips to the dump and disposed of all the bags of waste and lots of trash from the garage cleanup.  What a lot of things we accomplished while they were here.

Maria and Linda are both such beautiful, smart, loving ladies who are so giving and kind to me. Such
wonderful daughters, I am fortunate indeed!

For my part, I did try to feed them well while they were here.  Except I have very little sweets around and Linda had to munch on the marshmallows to satisfy her sweet tooth.

Me with no make up or hair combed!!!  Thus the sunglasses.

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