Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Masseys Are Here!!

The Masseys arrived on Tuesday the 25th!!  I so enjoyed having them here.  

The monitor I had in Keira's room did not work so Keira had to watch "Annie" on the big screen in the living room.  Sometimes you just have to nap.

 Eden is a quiet one who climbs up, looks down and investigates everything.  Unfortunately my yard is very dry and so walking out into the backyard is always an invitation for dirt to stick plus there was sap from the cedar tree so feet and sox and shoes were also covered with stickiness as well as dirt. Nevertheless they seemed to enjoy the yard, hammock, dirt and all.

While Mom and Dad took Keira to the lake I got better acquainted with Eden.  She even gave me big smiles as I let her play with Keira's tinker toy creation.

Eden was happy to pull Sadie in the wagon, but Sadie wouldn't stay there too long.  Sadie was very gentle and patient with both Keira and Eden.   And Keira had him walk over and over and over a little plank in the backyard we called a bridge.  He did her bidding.

Although I didn't do anything too much, I was still tired by the end of the week.  I decided to follow Dr. Tonya's suggestion and ditch the blood pressure pills, I think they make me more tired than playing with great grandchildren.  Both Keira and Eden are delightful. And I love have Meagan and Matt come to visit with their family!

 Keira was getting tired of posing and anxious to get on their way to visit her cousin Molly!

Overall Friends.

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