Monday, January 16, 2017

Along Came Bill

This was interesting on Facebook.  Bill's daughter Sara had a repeat of her wedding with all the family present, looks like it was a wonderful celebration.  

The lady in the green short dress is Bill's first wife and the lady in black, second to end on the right, is his third wife and the lady in black next to him in the center is his second wife and mother of the bride, Sara.  I think Bill has dementia or ? as the last few times I talked to him in 2012 or 2013 he was confusing me with the other women in his life.

He had six children, three boys with first wife, one daughter with second wife and daughter and son with third wife and they are all friends...wives, children and so on,  so this is a very interesting family picture.  Beautiful people and Bill had a beautiful soul.  The last time I saw him in early 1990s he was divorced from second wife and about to make the leap to third wife.  The last time I was talking to him he was on the way to divorce but not sure it ever happened.  He is probably about 85 or 86 now.  He once told me that his two first wives were both millionaires and friends with his third wife.  He told me I was very lucky I had escaped...

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