Monday, May 22, 2017

Health Update

I was overdue for my annual exam and had not set it up yet with Dr. Nielsen in Susanville.  I had decided to leave the Seneca Hospital Group after not being able to be treated last fall.  But when I called Dr. Nielsen's office to give them the requested information the receptionist said they had a new system and no matter what I was told before I would have to get them two years of records and then the Dr. would decide if he would take me.  The last receptionist said all she needed was the date of last annual exam and Dr. Nielsen had told me, no problem, he would be glad to have me come back. I got nowhere with an explanation to the new receptionist so I hung up on her and called Seneca back.

Within the hour Seneca had called me back and I had an appointment with Dr.  Salehi, a new woman doctor.  I met with her on Friday and after looking at all my records which she had up on the computer on the wall, she sent me over for an EKG and had made an appointment with a cardiologist.  I felt like she really cared about me!!!

Surprisingly she called me at home after supper and asked about my status again and said it appears I had an incident sometime in the past and she made me promise that if I had the least problem breathing etc. that I would call 911 and not just sluff it off.   She called again to remind me of taking the baby aspirin every day.  So I thought about that night February 22 and wonder if that is when it happened.  I was sick for three weeks after!!!!   I wrote about that incident on March 14.

Today I went in for the complete blood test and urine analysis and tomorrow morning I see the cardiologist and Wednesday I see Dr. Salehi what is this all about?  We will see.

Yesterday I went to the Community Concert with Karin, Church was especially good.  I could not hear but one of the talks well.  Why don't people speak into the microphone???  And enunciate and speak with projection???  If I am the only one who can't hear I guess it does not matter but SS was good.  Bro Thurgood knows The Plan of Salvation very well and Kathy did a wonderful job on her lesson of tolerance and love for everyone.

Yesterday I learned that Will (across the street) had died on May 7.  His children are preparing to sell the house as "it will not be the same without Mom and Dad".  I think some of his children are hurting for money also.  It is free and clear.  Marilyn, who was a widow, also, and lived next to Will, died in April and her children are keeping the home in the family.

I will really miss Will, he was 91, but he was my "go to guy" for any inside or outside help I needed on my place.  And he loved helping.  Usually called me "Sweetheart".  He was missing his wife!!! I am glad I did finally go out to dinner with him before he left for the winter vacation with his sister. His son said he had gotten pneumonia in Texas and came back a different man than when he left.

That will be two homes across from me For Sale and also the vacant lot!!!!

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