Monday, May 22, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

I took this picture before I left for Church.  I had not slept a wink last night.  For some reason some times my mind gets going and I cannot shut it off.  Finally at 2 am I worked on Family Search until 3:30 am and then tried to sleep again.  Still could not sleep.  I got up and watched 3 episodes of the old Mary Tyler Moore show.  It was good.  Still could not sleep.  Why can't I turn my mind off???

I dressed and went to church anyway and the Duerkson family spoke.  The children are always refreshing and Melinda told about her Mom being an alchoholic but would leave home to drink rather than be around them.  Her father raised them and she has a close attachment to him.  She did say, however, that when her mother was there she always made them feel loved.  Poor Forest was so emotional as he told about his 9th place in a family of ten.  His mother cleaned at night and he never felt he saw enough of her but his brothers and sisters tended to him.  Still he always wanted to goto work with his Mom.  I have heard several of his family speak.  They all seem to be a close knit family with testimonies.  I have never seen the Mom but the father is as large as life and seems a very happy person.

I did not stay for SS and RS, too tired...anyway I had a nice dinner and talked or snapchatted with most of the family. I realized later that 5 of us went home after Sacrament Meeting, all for different reasons.  Karen is getting her house ready to sell!!!

I really am blessed with a wonderful family and posterity.  I had a very caring and happy upbringing but never expected more than I got from my wonderful mother but was always very hard on myself as not being a perfect mother.  But the proof is in the pudding.  I do have super great  children so hope I did not scar any of them too much.  Maria was so sensitive, she felt my imperfections the most.  She is a  very compassionate and caring person though so maybe she learned from my imperfections.  Who is to say?  Motherhood is a blessing but also a great challenge.  I was very blessed to be able to be a mother and Richard was a very loving father.  So many people want for children and yet are not able to have them for some reason.  It was fun being a mother while I was in 7th Ward, we did lots of Mom and children activities...none of us were working at that time.  How wonderful that we could all be stay at home Moms!!!!  A rarity in today's world.

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