Saturday, May 25, 2013

Earthquake Jitters!

Today I was out watering and let Sadie loose from her leash on her Run.  She loves to run and then she spied the dog at the back of the yard and tentatively sought him out.  The owners were tending to bagging needles.  The dogs were soon running and wrestling and having a wonderful time together.  I should have had my camera.  So we watched them have fun and chatted awhile.

We discussed our Earthquake experience.  I have never felt so powerless in my life.  Sadie and I were watching a movie which is unusual at that time because I usually put her to bed and watch all the nighttime TV from my adjustable bed.

(GREENVILLE, Calif. (AP) — A moderate earthquake centered in rural northeastern California and felt in two other states damaged some homes and ruptured a tank that supplies residential drinking water in the densely forested region, officials said Friday.
The magnitude-5.7 quake centered near Greenville sent items tumbling from grocery store shelves and downed chimneys when it hit at 8:47 p.m. Thursday. Despite the damage, no injuries have been reported.
The earthquake was felt in Reno, Nev., about 100 miles south; as far away as San Francisco, 230 miles southwest; and in Oregon. About four dozen aftershocks have been reported, including a magnitude-4.9 temblor that struck early Friday.
About 300 people were affected by the damaged water system and were under a boil advisory until further notice.)

But there we were, sitting on the couch, blissfully unaware of danger, when our house began violently shaking.  Sadie sprung up and then so did I, I thought the light fan would crash upon us and I was sure the house was crumbling around us.  Stupidly I could not think where to go or what to do, thankfully it only lasted about a minute and then I began an inspection of damage.  As I opened the door to go see if I could smell leaking gas anywhere, Sadie ran out past me and on to the road and headed south as fast as she could go!

This violent shaking was different than the rolling earthquakes I had experienced in San Diego and Guam but miracle of miracles my little cabin held up under the violence and only a bottle was broken when it fell from top of the cupboard to tile counter.  A few other things fell from the top of bookcases and pictures flopped over or became askew on the wall.

What I will never forget is how vulnerable and powerless I felt and yes, I immediately began praying that we would be safe.

My neighbors were in bed so it was a different sensation for them, their water heater has to be replaced.  Oh, no, I hadn't even inspected it but all seems to be well.  Thankfully when I was thinking   of selling my house last fall I had the earthquake bands put on.  So glad I did, yea!!!

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