Thursday, January 30, 2014

Birthday Beach Bash

Saturday afternoon on the 25th we gathered to celebrate my birthday.    Me, the Pulsiphers, the Rasimas families (two) plus Michelle and son James and friend, and eventually the Hardys. the children enjoyed the sand and surf--adults enjoyed basking in the the late afternoon sun (until it goes down)...but so beautifully it goes down, a joy to watch and I get it on camera..

Sue and childen

Maria, Johnny's Mom Sue, Johnny, Johnny's sister Michelle

Maria, Linda, Gary and Bob

Maria and Michelle..

Sue--we had a baby shower at my PB house before she had Michelle in the 60's!


Doesn't get nicer than that--California Dreamin...

Gary and Sarah enjoying Linda's yummy food.

Sarah looks up!


Birthday girl at 81--I look like my Mom!  Beautiful daughters.

The sun is almost gone--it's gonna get cold...

How many birthdays ahead?  Who cares--seize the day!


The Hardys arrive just in time to eat what is left...

Camber and Michelle,,,

Brrrr--time to go home--Good Night!

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