Thursday, January 09, 2014

Some Pictures from Family Party

On Sunday January 5, 2014 we gathered at the home of Linda and Gary for supper.

Meagan, (wife, mom and Medical Journal Editor) and daughter Keira, (preschool)

Jacob, (surfer, soccer and football player at Torrey Pines High)

Amy, (Trauma Nurse at Sharp Hospital), Meagan

 Maria, (wife, mom and Budget Analyst at Cal St at San Marcos)

 Melissa, (Accounting Assistant and student at Chico State)  Kelly, Ortho Assistant and student at Mesa College

Sarah and Lea, California Surfing Girls as well as students, dance, cheer, etc. etc. 

 Gary,Orthodontist, and Linda, Office Manager

Kelsi, (dancer and cheer)

Jimmy, (golfer and tennis player)

Mitch and Hana, (met in Montana doing Conservation work last summer)
Geology student and Graduate
Pizza maker

James, (Insurance and Financial Services)

 Maria and Meagan

Keira and Kelsi

In other words, everybody has something important to be doing but me, I just walk the dog and read and read etc. and watch TV.

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