Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Day of TV

I finished the French series of "Count of Monte Cristo" today and I think they did a great job of being authentic to the book.  Now I understand yet another version is being made in Hollywood.  I am interested to know who will be the "Count".  I liked how at the end he is trying to forgive instead of just seek revenge and is that really how the book ended?  I can't remember, I better read it again.

I also watched "In the Land of Blood and Honey" which I missed first time around.  I have to believe that Angelina is one smart cookie.  I know she took a lot of criticism but I think she did a great job of presenting the way things probably were and yet showed the warmth and evilness of both sides. What atrocities in the world, at his worst.

I may not finish 'Casual Vacancy'--I am not really enjoying all the unpleasantness of so many people. It is a rather jaded look at people or is it reality????

I also prepared for the days of rain expected and did a run to Walmart.  Five days of rain and snow in the mountains is expected.  We may go home to snow after all.

Later I watched "Remembrance" a based on true story about a Polish guy and a Jewish girl who escaped from a Nazi camp and then later became separated.  She was pregnant and he did not know it.  They each thought the other died only to discover 30 years later they are both alive.  The movie ends with them about to meet so your imagination can run wild.  Does she leave her husband and stay with him?  Can they even converse or care about each other?  Did she tell her daughter who the real father was--did the daughter get to meet him?  I am sure there is more to the story...

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