Sunday, February 23, 2014

Living the Good Life

It has been a long time since I posted, I must be living a busy life...I am!  The days are whizzing by and it will soon be time to head north.  I am going early as Mitch and Hana need a ride up and Hana will be dropped off at Tahoe and Mitch will stay for a while.  He is trying to get work in Tahoe with Matt but it probably will not start until April. 

Matt has been here and I have eaten out with him, Maria, Linda, Linda and Gary, and James.  So far I have had Fish tacos about five times since I have been here, a couple of Paneras salads, tacos at Jack in the Box, Strawberry shakes, hot fudge sundaes from McDonalds, Pizza twice at Blaze (gluten free)Tortilla soup from Chilis, wonderful salad from the Yellow Deli and yesterday Linda and I went to Meagan's after going to the Temple and Linda bought Mexican and Sprinkles cupcakes for lunch.  I needed to deliver a present for Keira's third birthday.  Naturally my camera did not function.  Keira really liked the Press Me book I had bought.  I was trying to pick one out at Barnes and Noble and this Grandma told me her grandchildren loved that one--what a surprise as it is just dots of color, but it is interactive and Meagan said Keira had to read it twice more and then took it to bed with her flashlight so I guess it is fun for children.

Tonight everyone is coming to Linda's for another get together as Matt is leaving next week and hasn't seen everyone.

James and I saw a stupid movie "Winter's Tale" while everyone else went to the Lego movie--we should have gone there.  What a lot of driving we had to do though, picking up friends and driving to the movie and then back to take Sarah and I home.  It is so much driving in the city.

Wednesday Matt had free lunch coupons for "Veggie Girl"--that was different, I had a Kale salad and it was good but I do not think I would choose it over Rubios Fish Tacos, or Paneras salads, or Chilis tortilla soup... 

Today Sadie goes in for grooming.  She had a bad upset last weekend and it cost me a fortune at the Vet's but she is well and happy again.  She had bad diarrhea for about 4 days and I could not resolve it...

I have been enjoying the Olympics, American Idol, and reading and listening to so many books...I have nothing but fun things to do--it will be hard to get back home and have a house to tend!!!

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