Friday, February 28, 2014

California Dreaming

So I just finished working on my budget for 2014.  How depressing.  I am back to where I was in 1999--living on Social Security with no job. How impossible.  When I bought my house in 1998 John said I could not afford a house.  How right he was.  People on SS or minimum wage cannot afford a house, a car or a dog.  So what do they do?  What do I do? Go without, beg, borrow, steal?  Maybe all but the latter!!!  It got me to thinking in the night, if I played the lottery and won the lottery what would I do with my money? This is really quite a fun exercise.

First, I would pay off every one of my descendant's student loans and any other debts they had--including my own.  Secondly, I would see that everybody over 25 had a home and new car of their own and I would buy a second home by the beach.  Then I would have my kitchen counters redone and the whole house painted inside and out.  But before that, I would have the front deck and roof extended---I liked that idea when John suggested it and I would put in a Jacuzzi somewhere.  How about another window put in the side of the house or good skylights built in so there is more light.  I would probably replace the carpets in the bedrooms and buy new quilts.  Hmm, what else?  Replace the tubs with showers?  Maybe one because I still like my bubble bath or if I had a Jacuzzi, would I need that?  l would throw out all the old pots and pans and start over--same with kitchen dishes and glasses--

And I would work harder on losing some weight and exercise so that I would look good when I saw myself in the three way mirrors at the stores and all the clothes I tried on looked great!!!  You should shop at least once a month so you realize what you really look like!!!

I would not care to travel anymore but maybe high definition TVs and also mirrors on the closet doors and ceiling fans in the other bedrooms and how about a new desktop computer that was really fast and I could Skype easier.

And how about replacing all the garden areas with good soil so everything grows better--while I am wishing.

I could even fence an area to keep the deer out and grow some veggies!!!!

OK, that is enough, back to reality and what's for breakfast--as Scarlett said, "I will think abut it tomorrow."

Rained all day and I watched a very touching movie "Unfinished Song"--about a Senior Center, singing, and death of your loved one and being left alone--Vanessa Redgrave is amazing at her age.

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