Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Good Week

From a LACC Memo:   Lake Almanor has water. While many of California's lakes and reservoirs are experiencing extremely low water levels, Lake Almanor is holding steady for the time being.  

That is good news!!!

Thought for today--

There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will.

― Epictetus

I remember my college friend Marta telling me that same thing when she came to visit.  I was stewing over something and she said, "Is there anything you can do about it?"  NO--"Then stop worrying about it."  Good advice.

This has been a great week, I accomplished a lot though it takes me forever to do things and I have to keep resting.  I get too tired too fast. 

Every time I drive to Susanville or to Chester I think what a beautiful place I live in,  I don't mind the drive at all.  There is very little traffic and just scenic views on both sides.  The snow is still atop Mt Lassen and the Sierras and Cascades but the temperature is up in the 70's,

I also enjoy going to the branch each Sunday and meeting with people who know my name and who are friendly and enjoyable to listen to and be with.  This is a good place for me to be, it is still lonely, of course, but thank heaven I have Sadie.  

She sometimes sits at the end of her "run" and cries because she wants to go play with the big dog in back of my lot.  Yesterday the big dog and the two golden labs from the next house came and played with her at the same time.  It was three big dogs all taking turns tussling with her and the owners stand and watch to make sure they don/t hurt her but she just loves it.

The branch has a new tabletop flat screen tv that we can play our teaching videos on.  Maryanne used it today and then showed me how.  She even looked online to show me what connector I needed to use with my Samsung.  Yes, very nice thoughtful people here.  And I am glad I willl not have to drag my computer and speakers to church anymore when I teach!

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