Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Hula Plus is A Plus and Matt and Mitch are My Heroes

The other day I asked Mitch why I needed Hulu Plus as one of my Roku Channels.  He said he had just read that they had added a lot of the old black and white Classic movies.  He knew I had been looking for some on Netflix and could not find them.

Sunday I had been talking to my sister Marilyn who had her 83rd birthday that day.  We were giving each other advice on how to live our remaining years and she left me with the admonition to just "do what you want to" so Monday after cleaning my little house I sat down for an afternoon of the "Classics"  on Hula Plus.

I have a list from somewhere of Classics to see before you die so that is the list I am using.  But first I was fascinated by an Ingrid Bergman film called "Stromboli".  Loving anything that Ingrid Bergman was in and not remembering ever seeing it (I hadn't, it was a foreign film) it was my first to watch. She was a left over prisoner in a refugee camp after WWII and was proposed to by a Greek prisoner who had a home to go back to.  He described the island in the Mediterranean as a desirable place and since he was a handsome young man and she did not have family left to go back to, she was married and left with him.

Feeling somewhat sad and lonely myself after Mitch and Matt left and I was alone for the first time in a few months it was a great film to cry to.  The town on the island was called Stromboli and it was town which was destroyed by a huge volcano at the top of the island every once and while and there was hard lava all over with little green vegetation and the homes were cracked and barren.  There was little furniture in his home. Anyway with her emoting and feeling rejected as a foreigner and he being a young jealous husband who believed in beating a wife who smiled at anyone else, etc, etc, etc it was a movie of tears...but I enjoyed feeling her emotions.

Then I found "Tokyo Story" on my list.  This was the story of an older couple who goes back to rebuilt Tokyo to visit their married children.  Since I had just been to San Diego to visit my married children this was a great movie to relate to.  As you can imagine their married children are all very busy with their jobs and family and having the parents is more a burden than a joy.  It really tells the story of just how it is--they love their parents but they do not have the time for them and the parents feel slighted and go home early. However, it is nothing that they talk about.  In fact they do not have so much in common to even converse anymore.

There were many excellent views voiced "your children grow away from you gradually"  "a married daughter is like a stranger"  "it is hard to lose a child, but it is not easy to get along with the living either".  The timing of watching the movie could not have been better for me.  I had just moved on to another film when Maria called and we had an excellent discussion about it all.  As she said you can't take these things personally it is just the way it is...we all adore you but everyone has so much that they are involved in, it is hard to do it all--or something like that.  Anyway excellent movie and I enjoyed the conversation with Maria very much.  I needed that.

The last movie I watched was not a Classic but a new one that had been added and it was excellent as well.  "33 Postcards" is about a Chinese orphan who is sponsored by a young man from Australia for 10 years from age 6 to 16.  They have corresponded faithfully and she has grown to love the life he depicted in Australia.  When she goes to Australia to perform in a children's choir she looks for him and finds he has been in prison for 10 years and was not living the life he depicted at all.  It is a very beautiful film about innocence and love and crime and prison life and the unfairness of life and how far love can go in helping each other survive and thrive.

Hula Plus I will keep while I watch more of the classics...and others.  Isn't it great that I have so much time to just do what I want every day.  Today I get my hair cut and will take Sadie for a long walk.  It will be in the high sixties and seventies all week!!!  Spring is here...for now and thanks to Mitch and Matt my yard is beautiful and ready to enjoy.

When Matt came to pick up Mitch and saw the ninety plus bags of yard waste he said we needed to get rid of it and was the waste dump open?  It was till noon!!!  Matt is very decisive and they immediately cleaned out Matt's nice big Suburban and I drove to town for some cash.  The waste dump is just three plus miles down the road but it took four loads and lots of effort and mess and their precious time.  I am so appreciative of Matt and Mitch to do this for me.  I would have had to put the bags out for the garbage dump at $2 a bag and it would have taken almost a year!!!  If only I had a truck!!  Anyway I cannot give enough praise to Matt and Mitch for all their effort and Mitch had cleaned up the yard so beautifully while he was here.  Matt reminded me just  before he left that he is only two hours away and if I needed anything to call!!!  Nice to know when I am all alone up here, thanks Matt.

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