Saturday, March 29, 2014

Relief Society Building

From the Relief Society site in the church website:

“In October 1945, plans were announced to erect a Relief Society building. In October 1947, the First Presidency approved a plan proposed by Sister Belle S. Spafford: each member of the Relief Society, which then numbered 100,000, was asked to donate five dollars to the project. Sisters from all over the world sent donations. Some sent artifacts from their homelands to beautify the interior of the building. In one year, sisters raised $554,016." 

This week it was possible to look on the church site to see your ancestor's names who may have contributed to this building.  I did not look up all my ancestors but I did find my mother and aunt's name who had contributed in the name of their mother.  Mother had done it through her home ward in Weber Stake in Utah.  Glendive was still a very small group at that time.  I was in high school and we were meeting in the IOOF hall.

I also found the names of Richard's mother and aunts plus his Grandmother Hardy.  I am sure there were many more I knew if I had kept looking.

I was in the building on business in the 70's but did not realize it was built through the efforts of the sisters in the 40's and 50's.  Very interesting, I thought.

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