Monday, March 24, 2014

"Chosen" for Spring Cleanup

The "Chosen" one for Clean-up of all the needles and pods, etc this year was Mitch.  He has been staying here for a couple of weeks while waiting for work in Tahoe.  Mitch drove me back from San Diego and has somehow endured the boring regime at Grandma's house.  He does have his games which he can play on the computer in his room and he can even get Netflix on it if he wants to watch from bed instead of the living room.  But, let's face it, he misses someone and it is lonely here.  So...good he has hard physical work to do!!!

Sadie, of course, oversees the whole operation!

With no snow this year the debris is very dry--here is Mitch as he begins the half acre clean-up.

And here is the finished backyard--so clean, so nice.  The neighbors in back have a new device.  He drives around while two garbage cans are filled with the debris!!!  He dumps it  all in a pile and then someone comes and loads it and takes it away.  Mitch was not so lucky.  It was all rake and fill bags and he filled over 100!!!  Now all we need is a truck.

Here is Mitch, doing what he loves to do, after the last day of cleaning Grandma's yard  for spring.   The front yard looks beautiful, too.  My yard is raked dirt, mostly, with a few greens things here and there. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain.  We are ready.  Mitch already wrote one song while he is here--maybe he is writing another.  Thanks so much, Mitch, love you!

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